About Us

Cloudesign is an award-winning design collective that delivers top notch creative to partners that include the major studios, Fortune 500 companies, Aerospace and the Defense industry. The team offers deep expertise in motion graphics, animation, and visual effects, in addition to interface and experience design for brand marketing, games, mobile applications, and the web.

Who are we at Cloudesign? We’re artists, designers, animators, developers, producers, and filmmakers. We share a common passion for combining art and imagination with the latest technologies as a means to dazzle, inspire, clarify, inform, and entertain. We have developed second screen applications for Fox and Universal, streaming media solutions for Starz and Barnes & Noble, front end solutions for the US Air Force(AOC), motion graphics for the Discovery Channel’s Through the Wormhole, Satellite-building educational apps for DARPA, and SM branding for Lockheed Martin to name a few.

Being good partners means listening and asking the right questions. We follow user centered design methodologies as a means towards providing solutions that are intuitive and delightful. Personas, usability studies, story boarding, rapid prototyping, all aid in achieving an optimal design before development resources are committed. From concept to execution, by using disruption as an agent for growth, we explore beyond conventions to provide exciting possibilities and visionary ideas.

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