Cloudesign Inc is a full service motion graphics and animation design firm known for their multi-platform media arts design talent. From concept thru creation, we produce visual effects and animation for film, TV, web, and mobile platforms. The Cloudesign philosophy, ”by disrupting convention, asking the right questions, we carve the way to innovative ideas. By using disruption as an agent for growth, we overcome conventional wisdom and prejudices that get in the way of exciting possibilities and visionary ideas.”

Visual Effects are a unique blend of visionary artistic wizardry & technology. At Cloudesign we work with some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the industry to deliver rich, innovative visual entertainment & advertising. Our partnerships with Engine Room Hollywood, AtomRain & Hydrogen Whiskey allow us to take on a variety of projects and hand pick the perfect teams to meet and exceed our customers vision.

We provide visual effects, motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, branding, game development and enterprise software solutions to the entertainment and defense industries. Our capabilities include visual effects supervision, film/video production, directing and postproduction.




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